MogaDao Cosmological Qigong – 11-Week Series ONLINE

Winter to Spring: From Deep Darkness into Young Light

Full Qigong Series
Includes 11 weekly classes and both Teachings
2 payments of $138 or 1 payment of $250

Weekly Online Practice
Wednesday mornings
January 16th – March 27th
10:00-11:15 am MST

Punchcard for 5 Classes – Drop-In
Valid through March 27th
for Qigong practice only.
Does not renew for the next series.

CLOSED: Teaching #1 (Opening Invocation)
Winter and the Water element:
Fear, Surrender, and Destiny
Wednesday, January 16th
6:00-7:30 pm MST
á la carte $30

Teaching #2
Winter into Spring:
Considering Hope, Growth, and New Life
Wednesday, February 20th
6:00-7:30 pm MST
á la carte $30

The Cosmological Qigong Series offer teachings and weekly practice technologies that attend to the sacredness and necessity of our transitions throughout the year – from season to season as well as the infinite changes in our hearts and spirits as we walk through this life.

The Winter to Spring Cycle takes us through the heart of Darkness and into the light of the Spring Equinox.

Winter is an exquisite gift, an essential part of the cycle of life, and also a great challenge for many. Depression, low energy, loneliness, fear of the darkness, isolation, and an inability to drop into stillness, gestation, and the dormancy of this season are common for us, especially in the cultures of the West. All the while, as we remain a culture addicted to perpetual summer, and we pay for this imbalance in hefty ways.

Winter and the Water Element has great treasures for us: Nourishment; deep dreaming; rest; communion with Source, Destiny and Essence; forgiveness; surrender; fullness for the sake of fullness; with no need to express.

Our spirits are thirsty for the gifts and darkness of this Yin time.

By the Spring Equinox in late March, Nature will be turning her face back toward the light and invoking the very beginning of the Yang seasons as she considers blooming itself into Spring. This transition can often bring a surge of restlessness, agitation, wanting to pull the covers over our eyes, flares of anger, and a desire to skip Spring altogether and launch ourselves into Summer too early, thus exhausting and depleting us in painful ways.

Spring offers us into the gifts of Hope, new life, beginnings, vision, clarity and faith.

This series will include the MogaDao Yin Tonifying, Yang Tonifying, and Winter to Spring Yijing 1 Form, as well as Archetypal forms of my choosing to medicate the class each week. These forms are some of the finest technologies that I have ever encountered, helping make us become more whole and natural beings, part of nature, in step with the cycles that are our destiny and birthright.

Our two teachings, on January 20th and February 18th, will offer greater understanding into these transitions and are included in the full series.

Open to new and return practitioners alike.

*To date, not a single MogaDao practice is available in digital recorded form. This has been a very intentional (and radical) decision by Zhenzan Dao, the founder of the lineage. This requires us to be dedicated, present, and committed in a unique and beautiful way. These classes will not be recorded.