Your Doorways into Soul during these 9 Months

This is a courtship with soul as a destination through the carefully crafted synergy and power of these 6 specific doorways.

Wilderness Immersion

The unequivocal backbone of this entire program is our time in the wilderness, spread across the wheel of the seasons. We will walk into the canyon because we need her. But also because the canyon needs us. To the river at dusk, to the sunrise and blackest night. We will taste the unfurling of seasons and pregnant air because we are aching to see ourselves splayed out across the sky and the earth and to remember where we came from and what we are made of. We will walk into the woods because they have become lonely for our quiet and awe, for our reckoning and our admission of our sameness in this forest of spines, be they wooden or bone. This earth has grown lonely and sick because we refuse her gift, day in and day out. We have forgotten that we are made of her, and she us. There is no greater mirror and invitation toward source and harmony. No greater tonic, nurturance or elderhood than that of the wisdom and love of the land. But it is possible to go into the wild, just like anything, and miss it altogether. We do this everyday- hold on to our “frontcountry mindset” and use nature as a mere backdrop. Our 3 Elemental Backpacking trips will be a more intimate, sensual and vulnerable encounter with wilderness than perhaps ever before in your life, even if you are a seasoned “outdoor-person”. We will peel back the veil. Walk between time. Recover and commune with a bone stirring memory of purpose and place in the “family of things”. We will let wild into our skin and promise to carry her everywhere, we will let ourselves be “worked” by her immensity and power. We will et her change and teach us so that we may become more natural and engage true, intimate relationship with our planet, each other, and what is being asked of us in these times. We go to the wilderness not to “get out” of the accountability of our lives, but to drink from source so that we may step more truly into our “front-country” lives.

Myth and Story, from Women Who Run with the Wolves

The book “Women Who Run With the Wolves” is nothing short of an Oracle. There are two ways to engage this book- As a mere book or as a ceremony. We will do the latter. A carefully crafted collection of timeless tales, they give us the ley lines of psyche and soul, showing us where we have gotten lost, and how to find our way home. Where and how have you become captured? What is your willful blindness? How have you forgotten your “cosmic task”? And most of all, what has it cost you? We will lay down our lives next to these stories and recover the voice and shape of soul.

I have been blessed to study directly with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the author of this book, for many years and bring forward many of her direct transmissions and teachings of this work.

The Great Remembering: Sacred Sexual Inhabitance

I call the sacred sexuality work that I teach “The Great Remembering”. At root, this is exactly what it is – a profound reclamation and remembering. A homecoming. Sexual embodiment and integrity does not ask us to become something we are not. It asks us to become ourselves, fully. To return to this ancient knowing of the most primordial energy that runs through us. This work is rooted in many of the sacred practices and teachings of MogaDao Depth Sexology, a path of sexual depth and wisdom rooted in Daoist and Post-Daoist teachings. We acknowledge Sexual energy as the fundamental energy of every aspect of our lives, responsible for physical health and vitality, creativity and generosity, trust in the essential goodness of being and our ability to live a life that is aligned with purpose. Our sexual desire holds the code, quite literally, for a personal destiny that is aligned with the greater good, care and expression of life itself. I offer The Great Remembering” as a mythology of sexuality- something that has been entirely lacking in our lives, leaving us without a map to follow or possibility to inhabit. As a part of this path, we recover, cultivate, refine and integrate our sexual energy through potent energetic and archetypal technologies.

MogaDao Archetypal Qigong and Energetic Technologies:

The practices of MogaDao lead us into the process of “making soul with physical ritual”. They are of the most potent, sophisticated, and transformational energetic technologies that I have ever encountered in my lifelong study of the body and energy. Through Archetypal Qigong Forms, we not only cultivate energy, right cycles, sensitivity and reverent embodiment, but we commune with the unseen, archetypal and mythic worlds that fund our mundane lives into meaning and alignment. We “go to the Forms” (Qigong Forms) so that we may hear the voices that we need to hear, so that we may experience parts of ourselves and our own powers (i.e. humility, risk, warriorship, surrender, letting go, blessing, grace, focus, hope, erotic capacity …) outside of a dependence on circumstance. These forms move us into a direct relationship with the depth of our human capacities and gifts, without leaving us to wait for the randomness and unpredictability of circumstances to show us who we are. We find who we are through the practice and walk that person out into the world to meet life. In that sacred courtship, we change the very futures that move toward us. We become a destination for the life that is trying to find us.

“The qigong forms of MogaDao represent an entire cosmology of qigong based on the Zangfu organ system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin-Yang Theory, MogaDao 5-Element Theory, the Yijing or Book of Changes, esoteric tracings within gongfu, as well as Western notions, largely derived from the Jungian tradition, of archetype and mythopoetics and the soul.”

Gateless Writing:

This is the work of finding and claiming original voice. Gateless writing is a writing methodology based on the neuroscience of creativity and inner-freedom. It is an unequivocally safe space that will literally unlock your creative brilliance and calm and relieve your inner-child- the place from which we innately create. Gateless writing spaces are generative, ecstatic and intimate. You will write the words that you need to hear yourself say. You will read the words, out loud, that blow open long-forgotten channels of vitality and ancient memory. You will hear words from our group that will take your breath away, and give it back in a new way. You will find pieces of yourself you have been looking for and long since missed. And you will come to feel, in a palpable way, how creative voice is a creation force – it makes worlds, bodies, and futures.

Courage Work

The work of pioneering educator Parker Palmer, “Courage Work” has everything to do with the fierce protection and creation of relationships that honor the soul. “Courage Work” holds an unshakable trust in the “teacher within” and our relational necessity to engage in a “Community of Solitudes, a way of “being alone together,” in which a group of people can live more fully into Rilke’s definition of love: “that two [or more] solitudes border, protect and salute one another.” And in that, can finally quiet the outside world enough to hear the wise voice from within. In the words of the late John O’Donohue, “the soul is shy”… and will not show its face unless it is held with such care. As it turns out, that care articulates itself in very consistent and specific conditions. Courage work creates spaces for the profound intimacy to hear one’s own inner teacher while being held in relationship and witness- without advice, question, opinion or influence. Of the most honoring and holy spaces I’ve ever encountered, when the soul is given the sacred shelter to speak its tender truths, it brings with it a transmission of wholeness. Life aligns in that current, and unfolds from a deep inner coherence to the outside world. When we take inner truth into the outer world, we create ripples of wholeness.

“The work I’ve done with Sarah has been beyond transformational…her work is about rediscovering who. you. are. and how to be a vessel capable of holding all that power, all that pleasure, and knowing how to give your heart out to the world in the most beautiful way. Her program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

— E.B.

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