Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot make all of the backpacking trips? Let’s talk. If you can make 2 of the 3 trips, that should be just fine. You should definitely still apply.

What do I have to show up for live online and what is recorded? Bi-Weekly audio teachings and the Monthly Group Calls are recorded. The Online Writing Salons and Qigong practices will not be recorded.

On average, how much time will I need to give on a weekly basis? 2-4 hours some weeks, 5-8 hours during others. (depending on whether we have a monthly call, online writing salon, or recorded audios that week) Sarah has designed the curriculum and to hold you well- to be steady, as well as sustainable and spacious in your life. We ask for a foundation of commitment and engagement, and then understand that life happens. Sarah also acknowledges that during some weeks, your deepest listening might ask you to skip something, in order to attend to what is calling you.

What if I’ve never been backpacking? No problem at all! You only need to feel compelled to commune with nature and your own empowerment in this way. And we will be thrilled and honored to take you on your maiden voyage into the backcountry.

How heavy will my pack be? Between 35-40 lbs. You do need to be physically capable of carrying this amount of weight, however it  doesn’t need to feel easy, just within your capacity. You will become so much stronger and more vital during these 9 months.

What gear do I need? You only need personal gear, such as backpack, sleeping bag and pad, clothing, comfy hiking boots, headlamp etc. We provide tents, stoves, water filters, group cooking equipment and delicious food. (REI rents some basics like sleeping bags, and there are likely folks you can borrow things from. You don’t need to plan on buying all new gear.)

What about getting to and from the trailhead? Travel to and from our trailheads is not included in the cost or logistics. Keep in mind, however, that you will be part of a group of 10 others who also will be looking for creative and affordable travel collaborations.

What if I start the program and then don’t want to continue? The nature of these 9 months is that we are in rhythm with the cycles of life, in a container that is wide enough to hold you in all of those cycles- including moments of wanting to bail, being uninterested, bored, needing a break, encountering doubt. Everything is welcome here. That said,If you wholeheartedly engage in each and every component of this Immersion, complete 50% of the program, and you still feel that you have not seen a value or change in your life, we will happily provide you with a prorated refund.

Registration will open in Summer 2020.
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