About working with Sarah

“I am honestly in awe of Sarah’s ability to guide, intuit, hold space, and allow the dynamics of the moment to play out. She has an ability to truly listen and allow us to be as we are, while providing guidance and compassion, which is incredibly beautiful to both behold and be a part of. She moves from a deeper knowing.” – Female Student

“Sarah’s leadership is a gigantic breath of fresh air because she leads and guides in a way that makes others feel seen, feel equal, and feel empowered. I have never had a teacher that embodies so many wonderful qualities all at once. Her humility, vulnerably, and availability combined with her vast amount of knowledge and experience make her someone I would follow again and again.” – P.

“What a privilege it has been to study with someone so evidently passionate about her work. Sarah is courageously shifting the way we think about, talk about, and experience sexuality. The depth of her knowledge is remarkable, as is her capacity to shed light in dark, uncharted places. She does so with compassion and urgency I find infectious.” – ES

“Sarah’s teachings create an atmosphere of such unconditional self-acceptance that have helped me to relax in a way I never have, or at least not since I was a young child.” – CB

“Sarah has this inspiring balance of receptivity, groundedness and warmth…with rooted expression, authenticity and discernment. She embodies a level of trust in the unknown that is incredibly grounding for me – like “oh, yeah, wow I can trust that uncertainty, too, and it can look as beautiful as it does when Sarah does it.” – Female Student

“Sarah’s teaching style is entirely human – which, in itself is part of the teaching for me. She always talks to the human being in me – in all my confused, sad, fucked up, joyful perfection and flaws.” – E.B.

“Sarah’s teachings are clear, grounded and bring the sacred forward.” – H. Mitchell

“Sarah has so much grace and sincerity, so much composure and willingness to be in the river with us and speak from the heart.” – Female Student

“Sarah’s work carries her beauty, grace, wisdom and insight. Her facilitation is powerful. safe, open and well constructed.” – JB

“Everything about Sarah’s energy felt like an old friend. Reassuring, safe and settling.” – Judy H

About Sarah’s Programs

“Of all the learning experiences I have signed up for thus far in my life, being led into the wild by Sarah has touched me more deeply than any other, and I am so happy to have this work forever ingrained in my soul. If you need your connection restored — to self, to others, to nature, to the wild in us all — this is one path I highly recommend.” – R.H.

“After Sarah’s teaching, I walk away with a brightness, a boldness, an unapologetic honesty… I understand the meaning and sacredness of intimacy and sexuality, not just in my words, but in my heart and my body. I become more alive, I forgive, and I celebrate.” – Female Student

“The work I’ve done with Sarah has beenbeyond transformational…her work is about rediscovering who. you. are. and how to be a vessel capable of holding all that power, all that pleasure, and knowing how to give your heart out to the world in the most beautiful way. Her program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” – R.T.

“The practices I have learned with Sarah bring me deeper into myself, my inner knowing, my power, and my wholeness.” – E.B.

“These practices will allow you to make contact with your essential self.” – H. Mitchell

“There’s a gentleness to Sarah’s teachings. This is truly a special course. Kind, honest and not-intimidating, which is one hell of a task given that it takes on the discussion of the root of Life itself.” – Female Student

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