MogaDao Cosmological Qigong: Summer into Fall

September 20-October 25
6-Week Series
Fridays 12:00-1:15pm MST
via ZOOM

1 payment of $120
2 payments of $70

SUMMER TO FALL: Returning to the Earth, Turning In

Arguably the most difficult transition for Western people, the way we travel these months between Summer and Fall, in both inner and outer nature, will determine our winter ahead- will it be filled with depression, isolation and loneliness, or will we give winter its chance to truly be the hibernation, reflection and dazzling darkness that we need? Our transition from Summer to Fall traces our relationship with expression, longing, courage, grief, accountability, and harvest.

About these forms:

The MogaDao Cosmological Qigong are energetic and archetypal maps that trace the ley lines of change. What do we need in order to make transitions harmoniously. For example, how do well do we grieve? Do we understand what grief is for? Why is it so hard to let go? What are we holding back because we think that we are not ready? Where are we hiding out/ Where are we overgiving, over-expressing to the point of exhaustion? Do we know the true meaning of risk and what it takes to become who we are trying to become? How well do we celebrate and expand into exuberance? Nature and the Cosmos offer us brilliant maps of harmony and participation. We are a Cosmos in and of ourselves. What phase are you in, personally? Are you moving from Winter to Spring? Spring to Summer? Summer to Fall? Or perhaps Fall to WInter, no matter what time of year.

We tend to get lost in transitions. We lose energy, we skip ahead, we get stuck, we forget cycles, we bypass uncomfortable phases. We meddle too long, we overstay the season, we leave too early, we orphan parts of our souls that are trying to give us Rites of Passage every single day. The MogaDao Cosmological Forms are both a map and a medicine- they show us how to become harmonious, and they medicate us energetically and psychospiritually.

This Series offer teachings and weekly practice technologies that attend to the sacredness and necessity of our transitions throughout the year – from season to season as well as the infinite changes in our hearts and spirits as we walk through this life. These weeks of practice will change your relationship to your own energy, emotions and humanness forever. You will understand that you were born as much a part of nature as the tree outside your window.

*To date, not a single MogaDao practice is available in digital recorded form. This has been a very intentional (and radical) decision by Zhenzan Dao, the founder of the lineage. This requires us to be dedicated, present, and committed in a unique and beautiful way. These classes will not be recorded.