MogaDao Morning Medical Qigong

10 week series
Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm MST
November 7-January 30 (No Class November 28, December 26 or January 2)

These classes will not be recorded.

1 payment of $180
2 payments of $108


(Good for any 10 of the total 19 Cosmological and Morning Medical Qigong classes between November 7- January 30)

MogaDao Morning Medical Qigong

In the words of Zhen Dao, the founder of MogaDao, “Morning Medical Qigong is the most comprehensive—and the first—qigong series of the MogaDao practice tradition. Eleven qigong forms are combined gracefully, covering all of the zangfu organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the archetypal, mythopoetic, and spiritual attributes of qigong as expressed in Post-Daoist philosophy. Morning Medical Qigong is the quintessential practice of qigong as a sacred movement art of reunion and communion. After decades of innovation, Morning Medical Qigong remains the most comprehensive (and the most popular) of all of MogaDao’s qigong forms”

The 11 forms of the Morning Medical set (which does not need to be practiced in the’s only when and how it began) offer a complete Medical and Archetypal map for harmony and health within human being, and can be practiced daily, all year long. These forms work deeply into the health of each organ and tonify and cultivate energy at the most foundational level. This form set is truly the foundation of MogaDao Archetypal Qigong and is the most foundational place for any practitioner to begin.
Each week, we will work with the same form set, allowing you to learn this progression deeply.

No prior Qigong experience is necessary.

**These classes will not be recorded.

To date, not a single MogaDao practice is available in digital recorded form. This has been a very intentional (and radical) decision by Zhenzan Dao, the founder of the lineage. This requires us to be dedicated, present, and committed in a unique and beautiful way. These classes will not be recorded.