MogaDao Sexual Technologies and Practices

These classes are taught online via ZOOM.

Weekly until May 31.

These classes are part of a larger course but you are welcome to join at any time in the series.

MogaDao Jing Retrieval (Formerly known as Internal Alchemy)
Wednesdays 8:30 – 9:30 am MDT

MogaDao Archetypal Sexual Qigong Forms
Fridays 8:30 – 9:45 am MST
11 class Drop-In card $220
This card can be used for any of Sarah’s qigong offerings.

11 class Drop-In card $220
This card can be used for any of Sarah’s qigong offerings.

MogaDao Intimate Sexual Self Cultivation Workshop
Sunday May 19th
Female Identifying Workshop: 10:00-11:30 am MDT
Male-Identifying Workshop 1:00-2:30 pm MDT

The MogaDao Sexual Qigong practices (based in Daoism, Post-Daoism, Archetypal Studies and Chinese Medicine) are orininal and profound technologies that cultivate, refine, heal and transform our sexual energy, bodies, pasts and futures.

These practices are the bridge allow a new sexual reality to become embodied, rather than just a wonderful idea. These practices take us from contexts and concepts of sexual possibility, integrity, power, discernment, and love to living, emodied truths. The MogaDao sexual practices are never merely techniques, but rather entire cultures of sensitivity, awareness, celebration and reverence.

These practices have the power to shift us in these ways, among counless others:

  • To recover lost and depleted sexual energy and desire
  • To create greater intimacy and connection with your sexual self (and therefore your partner, if you have one)
  • To heal sexual pasts as well as reach forward into sexual futures and possibiliteis
  • To open heart and the sexual body
  • To begin healing in your sexual lineage
  • A retutn to the self-reverence, fundamental beauty and the innocence of sexual energy
  • Healing from past trauma, stories or unsettling sexual experiences in your personal biography
  • To cultivate a greater sense of strength, sensual aliveness and sensitivity in your body
  • To cultivate deeper erotic pleasure and understanding
  • To create a greater sense of home, personal power and trust in the world
  • To cultivate, nourishing and harness sexual essence, vitality and desire
  • Refining your sense of discernment and courage so that your choices are more in line with your original energy (i.e. choices in partners, direction, etc.)
  • To replenish sexual fluids, arousal, and function

**Please note that there will not be any nudity or sexually intimate demonstrations whatsoever in this course. Practices take place fully clothed and are non-sexual in nature. All anatomical teaching in Self- Cultivation takes place on silicon models of anatomy.

The 3 essential practices of MogaDao Sacred Daoist and Depth Sexology

MogaDao Jing Retrival/Internal Alchemy is THE fundamental practice for recovering lost energy, raising and circulating the Jing (sexual essence) into the perimeters of the body so that it is literally more available for your life (and to be the primary energy which is influencing your life), and coming into contact with the magnificent universe of your own private energy body, in all of its subtlety, potency and shine. It is a tremendous practice for contacting and cultivating sexual energy in a non-sexual context, thus helping to separate sexual energy from only sex. This practice is powerful for nourishing one’s Kidney qi, which is responsible for sexual energy and vitality, as well as recovering from chronic illness. This practice can be done in the morning or any time throughout the day when one feels that there energy is “dropping”, that they are scattered, out of touch with themselves or simply have a desire to bathe in the beauty of their original life force energy. This is an essential practice for those suffering from Chronic Illness as well.

MogaDao Archetypal Sexual Forms: It is through the beauty and embodied poetry of the MogaDao sexual forms, which are mythopoetic forms in which we touch into the wisdom of Archetypal power, as a reality, not just a concept. Through these forms, we embody the specific archetypes of the soul and spirit in ways that are unique to each of us. Inside of the forms, we come to understand something of our own potential, nuances, beauty and specific essence. We write the story of our own becoming with our bodies. The forms are both a map and a mirror. They will mirror back to you your own relationship with certain energies or tones of being as well as guide you inside of a map, that you will write with the flesh of your body as you move, representing natural cycles of sexual energy, desire, necessity and longing, containing wisdom and certain “guideposts” against which we can more clearly see our current patterns as well as touch the stirrings of our potentials and longings. These forms are, themselves, teachers. I consider these forms ancestors themselves, bridging time, reaching deeply into both the past and the future. Our immersion into form becomes an embodied prayer with the power to heal, amend, forgive, rewrite, understand, and cast us faithfully toward the ways in which we long to live and give in this life. These sexual forms, in particular, have the power to bring us into an integrated state with our sexual energy and expression, helping us become the people we were born to become.

MogaDao Intimate Sexual Self Cultivation: This is a sacred sexual self-touch practice….Not merely masturbation, which is often couched in levels of shame, quickness and tension-release, Self cultivation is the place in which we come into deep, intimate contact with our own sexual bodies, imaginations and energies. It is here that we celebrate the absolute goodness, rightness and innocence of our sexuality with our own self-reverent touch. We become the lovers that we long for, take responsibility for the nourishment of our sensual and sexual fullness, and come into an ever-deepening awareness of our own sensitivity, vulnerability, desire, and longing. Sacred Self Cultivation is practice of self healing. I say of this practice that it is where “the rubber meets the road” so to speak…meaning that it is a very direct encounter with one’s own sexual spirit and body. This practice is the one in which we are empowered with the responsibility for our own relationship to our sexual bodies, which precedes sexual union with a lover- as WE are the ones who must lay the stones toward our own deepest sacred sexual need, sensitivity celebration and healing in an act of the utmost self love and creation. “Self- Cultivation is an umbrella term to describe sensual and intimate time with yourself.