MYTH and MOVEMENT: An exploration of Map, Mirror and Medicine

In person workshops in New York City

September 15th and 16th

Thursday 6:00-9:00 pm

Friday 9:00am-5:00 pm

Join for Thursday evening only or both days

@ Moving Body Resources

Thursday Evening only: $80

Full Workshop: $265

Thursday Evening only

Full Workshop

Life is movement, however subtle its hum.

There is movement to our personal mythology and the myths that guide our life. There is a mythology to the innate gestures that rise out of the wisdom of our bodies. Both contain a unique and brilliant holographic intelligence that contain maps to show us where we are, have been, and are going, mirrors within which to see ourselves and understand our states and conditions, and the medicine to nourish and tend that which is seeking coherence…all at the very same time.

These workshops will be a play in the fields of myth and movement, story and soma, psyche and soul. They will integrate the expression and exploration of primal and fluid movements, form and formlessness, archetypal qigong, dissolution and becoming, mythology and story…all in service of creating more coherence between our seen and unseen lives, our longings and our realities, the wisdom of our exhaustion and the spark of our inspiration.

Join me for a nourishing dive into the biorhythms of myth and movement, an exploration into the living systems found in the archetypal patterns of story and gesture, and in our very selves and lives.