Fluid Psoas, Primal Gestures & Archetypal Qigong

A 2 day in-person workshop with Liz Koch and Sarah Byrden

Oslo, Norway

September 23-24

$565 EARLY Bird / $645  after September 15


The confluence of our two bodies of work creates a unique alchemy and synergy. Together they touch, awaken, and nourish a deep longed for place, returning us to the truth of our fluid form, to the mystery, miracle, and intelligence of our human life.  Weaving a thread back into the web of life you will leave this workshop with greater coherence, resilience, and sustenance having touched and played in the field of both origin and possibility.

When perceived through the living matrix of embryology, our Psoas becomes smart tissue, growing out of a vibrant, intelligent midline ~ the central axis.  A Primal NeuroCore, Psoas is rooting tissue that emerges from the very core of our being and grounds us into the gravitational energies of life on earth. When reframed, healthy psoas is fluid juicy tissue  ~ dynamically expressive and soulfully responsive. 

The expression and exploration of Archetypal Qigong is a somatic participation in medicinal gestures that offer us maps, mirrors and potent energetic medicine. Through the forms we literally move our way into a conversation with the wisdom, resources, and deep memory of the archetypal world of patterns and stories that hold keys to our potential, integration, and creative power. Each form holds a different medicine. What is it to inhabit and cultivate patterns of surrender, protection, courage, hope, trust, eros, deep yin power, and yang beauty?  Archetypal Qigong helps us meet the ever-evolving world by shifting us from mere ideals into a felt-sense inhabitance of life’s vital energies. 


In Collaboration with Liz Koch

 Liz Koch is a conceptual artist exploring the deep sensory system and the wild wisdom of core Psoas. An international somatic educator and author with 45 years of experience, she is the creator of Core Awareness and the author of The Psoas BookCore Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & DanceStalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence; and her upcoming book Birth Savvy. Liz focuses on kinesthetic intelligence and somatic awareness as a means for developing our human potential. Stalking Wild Psoas is her passion and Changing the Language of Body is her mission.  

Please note : Sarah Byrden no longer endorses the MogaDao Institute or study with Zhenzan/Zhenevere Dao in any capacity, no longer teaches or studies in association with the MogaDao Institute, operates under the designation of “MogaDao Teacher”, nor represents or endorses MogaDao as a tradition or entity in any way.