Archetypal Qigong and Gesture

Friday August 5 and

Wednesday August 17th

*These are 2 separate workshops, same workshop both days)

10:00-11:30 am MT via ZOOM

*These workshop will not be recorded


Friday August 5th

Wednesday August 17th

Surrender and protection…a dance between Earth and Sky, a conversation with both the vulnerability and power of this human life, our human bodies, this moment in time.

In this workshop, we will “do the work of making soul with physical ritual”,  move into a prayer of heart and body, and move our way into the tender underbelly and power of surrender and the life-giving, life-sustaining energies of protection, which are also creation.

We will work with two forms in this workshop: Carry Tiger to the Mountain, and Pheonix Rising, two of the most transformative and potent Archetypal Qigong forms I learned in my MogaDao training.

I am offering this workshop twice in August, as the medicine of this particular exploration feels especially poignant right now.

On the medicine of Archetypal Qigong: 

The expression and exploration of Archetypal Qigong is a somatic participation in medicinal gestures that offer us maps, mirrors and potent energetic medicine; Through them, we literally move our way into a conversation with the wisdom, resource and deep memory of the archetypal world -expressed patterns and stories that hold keys to our potential, integration, and creative power.

In these forms, we not only cultivate energy, right cycles, sensitivity and reverent embodiment, but we commune with the unseen, archetypal and mythic worlds that fund our mundane lives into meaning and alignment. We “go to the forms” so that we may hear the voices that we need to hear, so that we may experience parts of ourselves and our own powers (i.e. humility, risk, warriorship, surrender, letting go, blessing, grace, focus, hope, erotic capacity …) outside of a dependence on circumstance. These forms move us into a direct relationship with the depth of our human capacities and gifts, without leaving us to wait for the randomness and unpredictability of circumstances to show us who we are. We find who we are through the practice and walk that person out into the world to meet life. In that sacred courtship, we change the very futures that move toward us. We become a destination for the life that is trying to find us.

Please note : Sarah Byrden no longer endorses the MogaDao Institute or study with Zhenzan/Zhenevere Dao in any capacity, no longer teaches or studies in association with the MogaDao Institute, operates under the designation of “MogaDao Teacher”, nor represents or endorses MogaDao as a tradition or entity in any way.