MogaDao Seasonal Qigong – Online 13-Week Series

The Exhale into Yin: Summer into Fall into Winter

Full series duration | September 26th – December 19th
Ritual Invocation for Fall | September 26th 6:00-8:00 pm PST
Weekly Qigong Practice | October 3rd – December 19th, Wednesdays 8:00-9:15 am PST
Drop-ins welcome
The teaching portion of this Invocation will be recorded if you are a student of the series and cannot attend in person.

Introducing The Yijing and Yin Tonifying Forms of MogaDao.

In this seasonal cycle, we will make the essential and poignant transition from the full Yang of Summer into the season of Young Yin, Autumn. The Yin time is when we turn back inside to self, when the spirit is absorbed in the soul. We must do this work, or we will wander, scant and lost as our reservoirs run dry, afraid to dip into the deep well. This transition is often the most difficult one for us to make in the West – to move from full shining into the work of letting go, drawing in, looking back to make meaning of what has come to pass, and the sacred territory of Grief and the Metal Element.

Join me for this weekly practice as we journey toward the darkness, helping you to make this transition without recruiting depression as a way to slow your system down, or fear as a way to keep you from slowing down. Understand Grief as an ally, a necessary meaning making emotion.

I will be sensitive to the energies of the season and the group in this class. Our forms will include the Summer to Fall transition form, Yin Tonifying, and the Fall to Winter form.

The Seasonal and Sexual series are being offered in parallel this Fall. I encourage any student, whatever level, to consider both series in tandem. Explore the Sexual Qigong Series here, to help tonify Jing and bring sexual energy and expression into deeper integration and wisdom.

*To date, not a single MogaDao practice is available in digital recorded form. This has been a very intentional (and radical) decision by Zhenzan Dao, the founder of the lineage. This requires us to be dedicated, present and committed in a unique and beautiful way. These classes will not be recorded.