I was deeply inspired by your talk and feel that you have a real, world-changing movement building. I think your outlook will provide the much searched for solution to issues of sexual culture on college campuses, and I hope that your voice will touch the lives of so many more.

Student, Wesleyan University

The sense of calm in the room [during your lecture] was incredible considering some of those women were physically sick due to trauma in the 24 hours preceding your talk – I could not be more thankful.

Administrator, Colorado College

I think your work is extremely integral in empowering all individuals, regardless of gender, to take ownership of their body and really explore and enjoy it.

Student, Middlebury College

One of the best parts about what Sarah brought to CC: finally, a real person who wants to talk honestly and openly about the potentials and dangers of sex and sexuality, and is not bound to a strict code or rule book. It’s safe to say that sexual assault and sexual encounters that are not 100% consensual and satisfying to both parties can be found in any college campus or small community…

Naya Hermann, Colorado College

I walked away from your all-female talk being absolutely blown away – by you, your poise, your openness, your ideas, what you shared and how. I felt so welcomed and whole in your workshop… Thank you so much for the work that you are doing… it’s so important, I wish everyone at my school, every teenager, every human could be in those workshops…

Student, Middlebury College

Your talk helped validate my instincts, which I hope will allow me to make better choices for me in the future.

Wesleyan University


That was an amazing moment for me… when you describe what it’s like to be a man and express your sexuality. And how we’re taught to behave in a very limited and certain way. I was able to self-reflect and learn that, “wow, she’s right about that, that’s exactly what it’s like!” I was actually kind of stunned, because I was like, how is she speaking to the male experience but she personally hasn’t possibly lived through this?

Male Athlete, Amherst College

I think the work you are doing is super awesome and I can’t help myself from blabbing to all my friends about it.

Student, Middlebury College

Please know that [your work] has already made an impact in so many people’s lives.

Student, Middlebury College