The Great Remembering: A profound path of sacred sexuality.



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I call the sacred sexuality work that I teach The Great Remembering: Sexuality, Soul and our Eternal Wildness. At root, this is exactly what it is – a profound reclamation and remembering. A homecoming. Sexual embodiment and integrity does not ask us to become something we are not. It asks us to become ourselves, fully. To return to this ancient knowing of the most primordial energy that runs through us. This work is rooted in the sacred practices and teachings of MogaDao Depth Sexology, a path of sexual depth and wisdom rooted in Daoist and Post-Daoist teachings. I teach creatively from this root, drawing from all of my teaching lineages and studies, including the body, the natural elements, wilderness, anthropology, and mythological and archetypal studies.

A Foundations Course

Reclaiming the integrity of your sexual self.

An 11-week online course with Sarah Byrden
Next course coming this Fall

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“Sexual energy not only supports the desire to have sex. Sexual energy supports the desire to exist.”

— Zhenzan Dao


MogaDao Depth Sexology offers us teachings and practice technologies that give us a road home, to this most fundamental energy and expression in the world. It is a culture of care, self-reverence, celebration, healing, and beauty. It pulses with integrity, sensitivity, accountability, and dignity. Ancient Daoism and Chinese Medicine hold sexuality in its rightful place of primordial power. Sexual energy is acknowledged as the fundamental energy of every aspect of our lives, responsible for physical health and vitality, creativity and generosity, trust in the essential goodness of being and our ability to live a life that is aligned with purpose. Our sexual energy holds the code, quite literally, for our destiny – for the very reason that we are alive on this planet and the unique gifts that we have to GIVE this world.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, one of my teachers, so clearly names that, “A crisis in spirituality is a crisis in sexuality. And a crisis in sexuality is a crisis in spirituality.” I further expand this notion to say that a crisis in creativity and the expression of one’s gifts in this world is a crisis in sexuality, and a crisis in sexuality will always rise alongside a crisis of true expression in the world. There is nothing that is not connected to sex. How we relate to and embody our sex is how we relate to life itself. This work, therefore, is not merely about “sex”, as we have come to conceive of it in the West. This work, rather, is nothing short of a reclamation of one’s own life-energy, erotic longings, and sacred connection to life itself.

As such, the entire work of MogaDao Depth Sexology and The Great Remembering is a paradigm and practice pathway towards the refinement, celebration, cultivation, and sacred recovery of this most essential energy and fundamental goodness of being. This work invites people of all ages and stages of life, sexual articulation and gender identification. It opens its arms to the fullest spectrum of our community, be you single, married, partnered, divorced, widowed, queer, trans, straight, cis, celibate, younger, older or suffering from chronic illness. (Sexual energy, the “Jing” in Chinese medicine, is an essential medical tonic for healing chronic illness.)

This work does not emphasize or teach toward mere “technique”, but rather it offers an entirely new culture of sexuality that in and of itself creates an atmosphere of freedom and integration for those who stand inside of it.

***Please note that the culture of these classes and workshops is one of deep respect, reverence, celebration, and integrity. There is a great respect for personal privacy. At no time will participants be asked to take off clothing, engage sexually, or share beyond their own comfort. Teachings of explicitly sexual nature will utilize silicone models of male and female anatomy.

MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality

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SEX & SOUL: Integrity, Power, and Healing

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