REGISTER: SEX & SOUL: Integrity, Power, and Healing

A 3-day, in-person workshop retreat at a tranquil farmhouse center just outside of Portland, Oregon

    All accommodations are shared, unless enrollment allows for us to spread out a bit more
  • As the retreat fills, we will send out a group email, connecting participants, so you can talk with each other about sharing rides, etc.
  • Liability Waiver

    I understand that Sarah Byrden and The Elemental Self utilizes a number of different contexts, approaches and practices depending on the particular course of study and work I have signed up for. These include but are not limited to MogaDao Qigong, MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, MogaDao 5 Element Yoga practices, Chinese 5 Element Theory and application, meditative and therapeutic inquiry, wilderness immersion, elements of archetypal and Jungian psychology, and the Gateless Writing Methodology.

    I am aware that my work with Sarah Byrden is depth work that has the potential to impact my body, mind and spirit and may release or uncover emotions, mind states and spiritual states that can be at times challenging, however beneficial and integrated they may be in my long-term well-being.

    I understand that some of these practices involve physical movement that may, from time to time, be strenuous, and that such practices carry some risk of injury.

    I also understand that I must judge my own capabilities in regard to my work with Sarah Byrden. I agree to take full responsibility for not exceeding the limits of my body and for any injury that may incur from my practice. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ascertain my physical, mental and emotional readiness to engage the practices and work that will be offered and I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to inform Sarah if this changes during our work together.

    I am aware of and take responsibility for these aforementioned potential challenges as I embark in my work with Sarah Byrden.

    I also recognize that though Sarah Byrden is extensively trained in her various arenas of expertise and holds multiple certifications, she is not a licensed therapist, counselor, or doctor (including not a Doctor of Oriental Medicine). I agree that if I need further support and resources for my care and health (be that mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) I will seek and obtain guidance from a licensed health care practitioner.

    I hereby waive and release any claim that I may have at any time for injury and/or liability of any sort against Sarah Byrden or The Elemental Self, LLC


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