Sex, Soul and Destiny: A New Mythology for Sex

Sex, Soul and Destiny: A New Mythology for Sex

5:00-6:15 PM MST via ZOOM
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This is the place to join to meet Sarah, learn more about the power of her upcoming Flagship Course, THE GREAT REMEMBERING: RECLAIMING YOUR SEXUAL SELF, and ask any questions you might have.

Our sexuality is one of the most fundamental aspects of our life. It is our most intimate, vulnerable and personal sphere, and is more important and all-encompassing than we ever imagined—It is the most sacred and primary energy that we have. When we are far away from our true sexual energy, which is the root of our existence, we suffer in many areas of our life.

Ancient Daoism and Chinese Medicine hold sexuality in its rightful place as a primordial power and acknowledge it as the fundamental energy of every aspect of our lives—responsible for physical health, vitality, creativity, generosity, trust in life, and our ability to live a life that is aligned with our unique and original purpose. Our sexuality holds, quite literally the code to our destiny.

Join Sarah for this free informational session and Q and A about her 2020 Sexuality Immersion, GREAT REMEMBERING: Reclaiming your Sexual Self. This course only comes around once a year…if this is the right time to finally turn toward your sexual life and energy, in a container of reverence, celebration and profundity, you will know it.

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