Reclaiming Your Sexual self

Based in the teachings of MogaDao Depth Sexology

A 12 week online course with Sarah Byrden
Dates for 2021 TBD

Because your sexual energy is your birthright.
and your deepest wisdom knows that.

Because it’s finally time
to attend to this part of your life.

Because your sexual energy is more beautiful and trustworthy
than you ever imagined.

With integrity, compassion and reverence…
I welcome you to a journey of celebration, refinement, cultivation,
and understanding of the most fundamental energy of your life.

Rooted in the unparalleled teachings and practices of MogaDao Depth Sexology.

This foundational course, The Great Remembering: Reclaiming your Sexual Self, will transform the way you relate to your body, sexuality and your sense of self in this world. It will become the soil from which your sexual self flourishes, evolves and embodies for the rest of your life.

Your sexuality is one of the most fundamental aspects of your life. It is your most intimate, vulnerable and personal sphere, and is more important and all-encompassing than you ever imagined—It is the most sacred and primary energy that you have. When you are far away from your true sexual energy, which is the root of your existence, that painful impact is felt in so many areas of lif, beyond just “sex”.

Ancient Daoism and Chinese Medicine hold sexuality in its rightful place as a primordial power and acknowledge it as the fundamental energy of every aspect of our lives—responsible for physical health, vitality, creativity, generosity, trust in life, and our ability to live a life that is aligned with our unique and original purpose. The MogaDao Philosophy goes even further by naming that our sexual energy holds, quite literally, the code to our destiny.

This course is a homecoming, a great and beautiful remembering of the inherent goodness of sexuality that will return you to your sacred self and the wild river of your life.If you have made it this far, there is a longing and a question that has already been stirring inside of you. You are in the right place. This is a sanctuary for your most intimate questions, desires and heartbreaks around sexuality, and a place to receive sacred practice technologies and teachings that will bring you closer to the power, dignity, truth-telling and essential goodness of your sexual energy than ever before.

When we understand and experience sexual energy as the fundamental energy of our life, we can begin to understand the sexual impulse, including desire and pleasure, as the impulse to become…an impulse and longing that would continue to evolve, locate and land us on the planet with ever-more integrity.

These 12 weeks are a journey and mystery school in which you will discover and meet your sexuality, from the inside out, possibly for the first time in your entire life. Because sex is not separate from any area of our life and being, we will journey through the diverse territories of our desire, our pleasure bodies, the emotions of our heart, our longings and a wildness that is innate and lives in our bones.

Whether you are in a partnership, single, choosing celibacy, and no matter your sexual orientation or gender identification, this is the place for you to move into a more integrated, embodied and intimate relationship with your sexuality.

This work is safe, intimate, reverent, caring and soulful.

Your questions and challenges around sexuality are as infinite and unique as you are. This course will hold space for the intricate nature your sexual life and hold space for topics such as choice in partners, low libido, high libido, a great love of sex, a great fear and sadness around sex, sexual addiction, sexual disinterest, self respect and body love, the pain and shame of sex and sexuality, our deepest longings to be “seen and met”, the place of vulnerability and emotion, pornography, past sexual experiences, pleasure, intimacy, friendship, laughter, true masculine and feminine, infidelity, shame…and any others that you bring to the table.

**Please note : There will be no nude demonstrations during this course, no exchange of sexual energy or intent between participants, nor will there be an atmosphere of sexual performance. The culture of this course will respect the intimacy, source and privacy of our sexual energy and maintain an atmosphere of respect, celebration, nuance and profundity. Any intimate anatomical teaching will be demonstrated on silicon models of respective anatomy.

I’d love to meet you and have a chance to connect. If youare drawn here and have questions, wonderings, hesitations, inspirations…anything at all about this course, please feel free to set up a free 20 minute call with me HERE.

The full courses will offer you:

  • Greater intimacy and connection with your sexual self (and therefore your partner, if you have one)
  • Opening the heart and the sexual body
  • Returning to the self-reverence, fundamental beauty and the innocence of sexuality
  • Healing from past trauma, stories or unsettling sexual experiences in your personal biography
  • Understanding how your sexuality is related to every facet of your life
  • Cultivating a greater sense of strength, sensual aliveness and sensitivity in your body
  • Cultivating deeper erotic pleasure, practices and understanding for yourself and a partner
  • Understanding the healing power and medicine of your personal erotic fantasies and imagination
  • Greater discernment in how you relate to your life, including choice of sexual partners
  • Understanding why sex can get so “messy”, how this is a good thing, and how to navigate when things “come up”
  • Breaking free from limiting beliefs and paradigms of gender and the binary of masculine and feminine
  • A greater sense of home, personal power and trust in the world
  • Honoring your sexuality and body as sacred
  • Cultivating, nourishing and harnessing your sexual essence, vitality and desire
  • Refining your sense of discernment and courage so that your choices are more in line with your original energy (i.e. choices in partners, direction, etc.)

The 4 Program Elements (Please note the information below was for the 2020 program. Details, pricing and structure evolve year to year.)

RE-MYTHOLOGIZING SEX: 9 weeks of Audio transmissions

These release on Mondays on a private digital platform and can be listened to at your leisure. You will have access to these teachings through the last day of 2020.

A carefully crafted and comprehensive curriculum, in Sarah’s unique voice and understanding, based most primarily on the MogaDao teachings, yet expressing the confluence of her many years of study and devoted inquiry. These teachings are a “re-storying” of sex and sexuality, offering guidance and illumination to our deepest questions and longings. These teachings will lift the veil on misunderstandings and cultural conditioning around sex, shine a healing light on our personal sexual past, while at the same time offering a life giving paradigm that will change the way we relate to sexual energy, our own life energy and partners forever.

Teachings will include, among others: A new paradigm for sexuality, True masculine and True Feminine: Attuning to energy and the integrity of your soul, The emotional territory of sex and the heart: A journey through the Five Elements in a sexual context, Self love, sensitivity and sensuality: The foundation of sexual possibility, Sexual self cultivation: Sex as medicine, the creative act of self-touch, Deepening into Cultivation and Creation: The Mythology of Sexual Fantasy, Eros as life, Sex as a doorway to God/Source/Spirit: The primal awe of the Chthonic in sex and in life, The Kidneys, Jing, Diet and Lifestyle.


via ZOOM:
These classes will not be recorded and must be attended live…online.
**If you have any history of sexual trauma, enrolling in this component is necessary. These practices are unparalleled in their capacity to create sexual empowerment and safety in the system.

Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30- 10:00 am MST
MogaDao Jing Retrieval (Internal Alchemy)
MogaDao Archetypal Sexual Qigong Forms
And various practices to nourish the sexual soul, body and nervous system and foster a somatic sense of sexual homecoming, integrity and inhabitance.

March 22: Special Sacred Sexual Self-Cultivation Class

Female Identified Individuals: 10:00 am -12:00 pm MST
Male Identified Individuals: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm MST

*Transgender and Gender Fluid Individuals are welcome to join both self-cultivation sessions.

The practices of MogaDao lead us into the process of “making soul with physical ritual”. They are of the most potent, sophisticated, and transformational energetic technologies that I have encountered in my lifelong study of the body and energy. These forms move us into a direct relationship with the essential goodness and power of our specific and unique sexual energy, in a non-sexual context.

Based in Archetypal Qigong and Chinese Medicine, we will come together to cultivate, refine, heal and transform our sexual energy, bodies, pasts and futures. These practices are the bridge allow a new sexual reality to become embodied, rather than just an extraordinary ideal. We will be learning MogaDao Internal Alchemy (Jing Retrieval) , Sexual Archetypal Qigong forms and Sacred Sexual Self-Cultivation, among other meditations and sensitivity practices. These classes take us from context and concept to living truth. These practices are also powerful medicine for those living with chronic illness, as they cultivate our most primary life-force (our sexual energy) and lend to greater physical vitality and health.

If you are a student with sexual trauma in your history, these practices are essential to giving you a secure “home”, in your own body and psyche, within which to do this work.

** Please note: There will be no nude demonstrations during this course, no exchange of sexual energy or intent between participants, nor will there be an atmosphere of sexual performance. The culture of this course will respect the intimacy, source and privacy of our sexual energy and maintain an atmosphere of respect, celebration, nuance and profundity. Any intimate anatomical teaching will be demonstrated on silicon models of respective anatomy.

Biweekly Q & A Calls

Every Other Monday Evening. All Genders
5:00-6:15 pm MST
Via Conference Phone Call

February 17, March 2, March 16, March 30, April 13, April 27, May 11

These Q and A phone calls are a time for shared community voice and are a powerful components in the process of sexual awakening, embodiment, healing and transformation. Questions can be asked on the call, or written in ahead of time, allowing for both self-transparency and deep privacy. These sessions are all-gender spaces, and intentionally so. These calls will be recorded and made available to those who are enrolled in this component.


This private digital forum is simply (and profoundly) a place to share and be witnessed in what is unfolding for you during these 3 months. The culture of this forum will be held with great intention and solid guidelines that allow for the most honest, vulnerable and tender sharing, without question, commentary, “fixing”, or advice giving.

PRICING AND OPTIONS- Single Pay or Payment Plan

A limited number of 25% scholarships are available to those in financial need.

*There are no “drop in” packages available for this course, nor “just Wednesday” or “just Friday” classes. Packages make all practices available to you.

Schedule at a Glance

12 weeks

AUDIO TEACHINGS: 9 weeks – release on Mondays.
Listen at your leisure. Keep until December 31, 2020

Q&A Calls:  Mondays Every Other Week 5:00-6:15 pm MST via conference call
February 17, March 2, March 16, March 30, April 13, April 27, May 11

PRACTICES: Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30- 10:00 am MST via ZOOM
Please note these classes will not be recorded and must be attended live.

SPECIAL SELF CULTIVATION WORKSHOPS: March 22 Female Identified 2-4 pm MST/ Male Identified 5:30-7:30 pm MST via ZOOM