Women in the Wild: Life-giving wilderness retreats.


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5 day River Trip on the Lower Klamath

July 28-August 1


Life-giving wilderness retreats.

These are no ordinary wilderness trips. They are a dive into the work of soul, of cycles, and of wildness – yours and that of the earth. Honest sisterhood, the bone stirring memory of your purpose and place in the “family of things”. Be fed by beauty. Honor the cycle you are in. Come back home to yourself. Gather the courage to see hard truths, the fire to make important changes, the support to dive deep. Be nurtured. Be seen. Come for adventure, for solitude, for sovereignty and challenge. Come for mind-bending beauty and ceilings of stars.

NEXT TRIP: 5 day River Trip on the Lower Klamath

July 28-August 1

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“Go out in the woods, go out. If you don’t go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.”

— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes



These trips are be intimate, breathtaking, and truly life-changing –they stand as a pivot-points of the lives of the women who join.

So much more than a backcountry adventure, this is a deep initiation into your most elemental self and a return to the wild woman within that calls to you in your deepest longing.

Indeed, there is a great remembering waiting for us in the cathedral of the wild, stirring our lifeblood in ways that nourish and anchor us once again to our vital core: instinct, aliveness, wisdom, and joy. The creation energy of life itself is the drum beating behind this rhythm. These days together will carve a river of light in your body and soul.