My Mission

I am a sexuality teacher, wilderness guide, writer, and public speaker with more than 2,500 hours of formal training in western and non-western healing modalities,  17+ years of experience as an experiential educator and 13 years of private practice. Through grounded, safe, and transformative retreats, workshops, and classes, I help adults and young adults reclaim the integrity, creativity, and trustworthy power contained within their sexual selves.

My work builds bridges…Between the Sacred and the Secular. Inner and Outer. Political and Personal. Vulnerability and Strength. Truth and Power. Past and Present. Sexuality and Spirituality. Sex and Integrity. Masculine and Feminine. Nature and the Body.

I help my students experience the deeper truths of their reality, so that they can lead soulful lives of honest and congruent purpose, relationships and passion.

I will help you name your unnamed, speak your unspoken, claim your unclaimed, embrace your desires and gifts so that you can remember why you are here and what you have to give this world.

I am here because I believe in you and I believe in life.

If you have lost your belief… In life. In loving. In your body. In joy. In your voice. In beauty. In your sexuality. In your purpose… this is the place for you. These things have been looking for you all your life and nothing has been lost.

I will stand for what is most true in you.


My Approach

My work helps my students and clients recognize and trust their innate gifts, wisdom and intuition, allowing them to step into their lives in empowered and extraordinary ways. My approach draws on a lifelong study and weaves together many disciplines, including:

  • Inquiry, embodiment, curiosity
  • Anthropology and cross-cultural education
  • Transformational Wilderness Immersion
  • Chinese 5 Element Theory
  • Archetypal wisdom and the power of mythology and story
  • MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality and Qigong
  • The Gateless Writing Method

My work is not about attaining any particular “state,” nor is it seeking to live outside of reality. Instead, we create space to turn, with reverence and inquiry, towards that which is calling for our attention. In that space, we find an instinctual and vital connection to a source that both nourishes and guides us.

As we engage in this work, I offer my students wisdom, sensitivity and insight. I am trustworthy in my ability to hold safe, welcoming, transformative space for groups, and I am known for my clear intuition, grounded presence, and joyful nature.


My Background & Training

I have been working in the fields of transformational wilderness therapy, international cross-cultural development, and experiential and somatic healing education since 2000.I have taught thousands of teenagers, adults and young adults across the United States, the Himalayas and Indonesia. I currently offer my program The Body of Sex to young people and schools across the US, and teach Sacred Sexuality, based in the work of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality to adults. I lead wilderness immersion trips, writing retreats, and International Education programs. I work with students ranging in age from 19 to 70, supporting them in building a healthier, more empowered, integrated and respectful relationship to their sexuality and and lives as a whole.


Professional Resume

    • Workshops and Lectures at:
      • Middlebury College
      • University of Florida
      • Colorado College
      • Hampshire College
      • Harvard University
      • Wesleyan University
    • Curriculum Consultation for:
      • Pacific Discoveries
      • Where There Be Dragons
  • Where There Be Dragons :: cross cultural and development education
    • South East Asia Program Director
    • Indonesia Course Director
    • Field Instructor
    • Professional Development Education
      • Global Educator Benchmark Group
      • The Rocky Mountain Seminar
      • Carleton College
      • Outward Bound
  • The Odyssey Institute of Indonesia
    • Program design and Field Instruction
  • Refresh Cross-cultural Communication
    • Contract Educator for Outward Bound
  • Moving Against Sexual Assault (MESA)
    • Trauma-informed Yoga teacher
  • Second Nature Therapeutic Wilderness Program
    • Senior Field Instructor, Mentor and Staff Trainer
  • Mental Health Partners Boulder
    • MogaDao Qigong Teacher


Certifications and Trainings

  • Certified MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, Qigong and Yoga teacher
    • The MogaDao Institute, Santa Fe NM
  • Certified Watsu, Massage and Craniosacral Therapist
    • The School of Shiatsu and Massage
  • Archetypal and Cross-cultural Psychology
    • With Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and her School of Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies
    • Over 80 hours of coursework and study
  • Certified Teacher of the Gateless Writing Method
    • The Gateless Certification Program
  • Lead Interviewer of Female Assault Survivors
    • The University of Colorado Prosecution Project, “The Impact of Victim-Focused Outreach on Criminal Legal System Outcomes Following Police-Reported Intimate Partner Abuse” with Dr. Joanne Belknap
  • BA, Anthropology: The University of Colorado


Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

To learn more about working with me one-on-one, click here.


I am honestly in awe of your ability to guide, intuit, hold space…. Your ability to truly listen and allow us to be as we were, while providing guidance and compassion is beautiful to both behold and be a part of. I am having a hard time finding the words to describe the beauty with which you lead, but know it is an art you have definitely developed, and it truly does appear to come from a deeper knowing. Your humor, as well, is refreshing, light-hearted, genuine and a gift to us all.

Sarah is a gifted and natural teacher who has much to offer anyone interested in a deeper, more meaningful perspective on human sexuality, self-authority and embodiment.



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