A passage toward New Beginnings, Vision, Clarity and Hope

To understand, embody, return to and express the wisdom of natural cycles is a radical act of wildness and coherence, which is to say a radical act of resistance to the systems and spells that seek to reduce our humanity, our power, our healthful rhythms, and our rightful relationship to each other and our living Earth.

Join Sarah during each elemental and seasonal transition for nourishing teachings, restorative physical practices, community convergence and invitations of communion and witness with the natural world.

Through Chinese 5-Element teachings, archetypal qigong practices and primal movement we engage a medicinal exploration of the health of your relationship to cycles, rhythms and the biointelligence of life itself, which is always seeking coherence and balance, even through what appears to be dis-ease, chaos and crisis.

Nourishing Spring

A single workshop
March 16th, 2023
Classes are on Thursdays
9:30 am – 12:00 pm MST

The Birth of Creation: A Story of Becoming

A 5-week depth series
*Includes the Workshop on March 16th
March 16, March 23, March 30, April 6, April 13
Classes are on Thursdays
9:30 am-11:30 am MST

Pay a 25% deposit now and pay the remainder over 3 months

Sliding scale available + payment plan available for series. Please contact Sarah directly. A more organized sliding “Justice and Equity Scale” coming soon.

Our transitions between the seasons of the year, and therefore between all natural cycles, are nature-supported and profoundly potent thresholds, carrying wise and potent maps, medicine and mirrors for our human lives, inner and outer.

In the Northern Hemisphere we have begun our transition from Winter to Spring, which in Chinese Medicine is understood as a transition from the Water Element to the Wood Element- from the elderhood of darkness toward young light, from the stillness of the fallow field toward the tremble of fresh green sprouts and shoots, from a time of incubation toward a time of birth and new beginnings…

Spring is the pro-creative urge of nature, a rise of energy, a return of life for a fresh cycle. There is a call from the cosmological wisdom inside toward the Springtime. It is a season of individuation and becoming. In Chinese Medicine, the organs of Liver and Gallbladder carry the expression of the Wood Element. Wood energy graces us with new vision, a heart-felt experience of hope, clarity, faith, innocence, creative beginnings, and vision…after the essential stillness, deep dreaming, rest and surrender of Winter and the Water Element.

When we move from a Water phase to a Wood phase, this same energy is rising in us, as we too are nature. This passage occurs in line with the seasons, as well as any time we move from the deep womb of darkness, incubation and the necessary relinquishment of ambition into the stirrings of new life and beginning again. What is this transition like for you? Where and how do you resist it, get stuck or feel lost about how to make this journey?

If our Wood Element is weak or overactive, this transition can bring a surge of restlessness, agitation, a feeling of suffocation, wanting to pull the covers over our eyes and go back to bed, being wired and tired at the same time, a lack of vision and hope, an inability to begin anew or imagine our futures,, flares of anger and agitation, a loss of possibility and clarity… and sometimes the desire and effort to skip this phase of young life altogether and launch ourselves into the full expression of Summer too early, thus exhausting and depleting ourselves in a multitude of ways.

What is the health of your Wood Element?

The single workshop will lay a foundation for an illuminating understanding of our transition from the Water Phase to the Wood Phase, speak to where and how we can get stuck or resist this change in rhythm, as well as offer an introduction to some of the archetypal qigong forms that embody and storytell this particular elemental transition. This workshop will be informative, medicinal and a mirror into your relationship with cycles.

The 5- week series, which includes the single workshop on March 16th, is a deeper tonic of support , exploration and medicinal practice spanning many weeks of this seasonal passage. In this series we will more deeply explore this Wood-phase birth of creation energy, which is the story of our very becoming, and our individuation out of any womb of gestation. What has been gestating in you over the Winter? What is it trying to become? What is ready to begin again? Might you be denying the creative impulse that wants to come through you? Each week we will explore different aspects of this transition, have time for journaling by prompt, reflection, sharing in community, and a deeper physical practice of primal movement and archetypal qigong that will harmonize your energy and help you make this shift more fully, truly and gracefully.

Will these classes be recorded?

The teaching/talking portion of these classes will be recorded. The qigong portions will not be recorded.

If you are unable to attend the series in person, but would like to take part in the qigong practice, you may join Sarah’s Wednesday morning Weekly Qigong Class for the duration of the weeks of the series. (this option is note available for the single workshop. Just for the series).
Though we won’t practice the exact same forms in each space, they will be seasonally relevant and it will offer an alternate option to access the benefits and power of this physical practice. Please email Sarah directly if you’d like to do this.

The recordings will be available for 3 months.

Please note : Sarah Byrden no longer endorses the MogaDao Institute or study with Zhenzan/Zhenevere Dao, no longer teaches or studies in association with MogaDao, operates under the designation of “MogaDao Teacher”, nor represents or endorses MogaDao as a tradition or entity in any way.