The Fierce Feminine: A Conversation

A live conversation between Liz Koch and Sarah Byrden in September 2023. 

Liz and I are in conversation around what disrupts core integrity and holds women back from manifesting their hearts desire; moving from a place of innate knowing, and being moved from a discerning fierceness that knows how to cut through as a force of change, support and inspiration. Come join us in what we believe is an essential conversation about the fierce feminine…fierceness as an essential expression of the feminine soul.

“A fundamental truth of the wild feminine soul is that we know what must live and what must die. It is not only within our reach but within our biological intelligence to be the keepers of cycles and the actors of this agency.”

~ Sarah Byrden

In Liz’s words:

“Sarah Byrden and I met in Colorado at a Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés Singing Over the Bones 5-day training. Sarah was in an in-depth study with Dr E’s work (author of Women Who Run With the Wolves), bringing it to life through story and movement as a Women’s Wilderness Guide. As soon as we met we began organizing a workshop. We knew immediately we wanted to collaborate. We returned to Colorado the following year and taught our first very successful Stalking Wild Collaboration: Sexual Expression & Core Integrity. Throughout Covid Sarah and I found ways of exploring our mutual love of the Wild on Zoom and last year we came together to teach in-person in Oslo Norway.

This October 27-29 we return once again to Colorado to offer a 3-day Stalking Wild Psoas Collaboration ~ THE FIERCE FEMININE. Our synergistic relationship, where primal movement meets elemental qigong, is a confluence of two bodies of work that creates a unique alchemy! Together we touch, awaken, and nourish a longed for place, returning to the truth of our fluidity, to the steady knowing in our bones, and to the mystery, miracle, and intelligence of our human life on Earth.