October 5 & 6

Amsterdam- IN PERSON

11:00 am – 6:00 pm

$465 – $540

This workshop is a somatic exploration for inhabiting the fierce feminine.
Through flows of archetypal qigong, primal expression, and landing in our bones we call forth the fierce motions of inner life that are required to guard and protect the female soul, our truth, and our integrity.

We come together to cut through. To inhabit ourselves more truly.
Moving out of the false feminine feigning of “not knowing”
into the deep visceral knowing of a fierce kind of love.

Fierceness in the feminine soul is too often kept under wraps, hidden from view, and relegated to unexpressed territories. In most myths, fairy tales and real-life scenarios depicting a feminine protagonist, it is the embodiment and expression of this fierceness that is needed to free her from her own capture, domestication, and disappearance toward a life and path of sovereignty and true power.

The fierceness of the feminine has long been socialized out of us – relegated to the shadowlands in Western postcolonial contexts. Qualities, expressions and embodiments of assertion, boundaries, directness, precision, discernment, immovable resolve, deep and direct knowing, surety, saying no, protection, differentiation, separation, severing, cutting through, sharp tongue, truth-telling, shrewdness, clarity, action, agency, and power…these movements and energies carry profound wisdom and transformative power in our lives and in our world.

Too often the qualities of ferocious integrity live in the shadows and become distorted and ineffective versions of themselves as they twist into knots of anger, rage, and resentment…or become so hidden that they seem unfindable altogether, rendering us falsely passive, self-doubting, tentative, demure, disembodied and dissociated.

The aspects and qualities of the ferocious feminine are part of our instinctual animal body containing profound integrity when not repressed, hidden, or avoided.

A fundamental truth of the wild feminine soul is that we know what must live and what must die. It is not only within our reach but within our biological intelligence to be the keepers of cycles and the actors of this agency.

When we are not landed in our bones, nor close to the somatic gestures of this fierce instinct, it is difficult to use our voice, to say a full no or a full yes, to stand up for ourselves and each other.

This workshop is open to all genders and every BODY wishing to explore the qualities of fierceness within the context of the modern socialization of the feminine soul.


Liz Koch

Liz Koch is a conceptual artist exploring the deep sensory system and the wild wisdom of core Psoas. An international somatic educator and author with 45 years of experience, she is the creator of Core Awareness™ and the author of The Psoas Book; Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Dance; Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence; and her upcoming book Birth Savvy. Liz focuses on kinesthetic intelligence and somatic awareness as a means for unfolding our human potential. Stalking Wild Psoas is her passion and Changing the Language of Body is her mission.

Sarah Byrden

Sarah Byrden is a somatic educator, archetypal qigong teacher, and wilderness guide. A two time TEDx presenter, Sarah has dedicated over twenty years to the deep study and apprenticeship of nature-based movement modalities. Teaching from her own life-long journey, she is the founder of The Elemental Self, which offers pathways for remembering our true self, the web in which we belong, and our innate capacity to move and be moved by a source beyond our conditioning.