3 Tuesdays via ZOOM @ 10-11 am MST. April 19, 26, May 3 (not recorded)
$20 per class
Our Kidney energy is quite literally the root of our entire life force, and an expression of the Water Element in Chinese Medicine. From this well flows our sexual energy, the deep dreams we were born to bring to bear, the marrow of our very bones, and the waters from which we come and one day will return to. Our Kidneys become depleted when we are stressed, manifesting fear, lack of energy, and a loss of faith in life itself. There is no ability to move into the new growth of Spring if our Kidneys are tapped. You will be amazed at the ground you will find in just 1 hour of practice, dedicated to the mother of us all….the Water element, inside and out…a palpable sense that life has your back and that you have a reservoir to draw from.

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Step 3: Just show up and let’s practice together. 

Please note : Sarah Byrden no longer endorses the MogaDao Institute or study with Zhenzan/Zhenevere Dao, no longer teaches or studies in association with the MogaDao Institute, operates under the designation of “MogaDao Teacher”, nor represents MogaDao as a tradition or entity in any way.