The Body of Sex: Redefining Sex on Campus

Sarah’s TEDx talk in St.Louis:
Sex and Consent on Campus: How we’re missing this mark.




We are in the midst of an incredible crisis in the sexual culture on college campuses. From sexual assault to the ubiquitous “hook-up culture” that leaves all parties feeling confused, we have a problem on our hands. This crisis is rooted in larger systemic issues in the US: the absence of a more holistic body-based sex education coupled with the paralyzing contradiction between explicit pornography and repressed puritanism in the realm of sexuality.

I work with groups of students of all genders and orientations to provide a comprehensive, real-life sex education they’ve likely never received—and are suffering without. I provide spaces for education, conversation, healing, and empowered learning in a context that feels safe, inclusive, real and honest.

Bottom line, sex education on this level is necessary to empower students to be more discerning about their desires and bodies. This helps them understand what they are or are not consenting to in a more informed way. Through these workshops, lectures, and thereby the creation of stronger student communities on campus, we can shift the sexual culture at colleges for the better.


I was deeply inspired by your talk and feel that you have a real, world-changing movement building. I think your outlook will provide the much searched for solution to issues of sexual culture on college campuses, and I hope that your voice will touch the lives of so many more.

The sense of calm in the room [during your lecture] was incredible considering some of those women were physically sick due to trauma in the 24 hours preceding your talk- I could not be more thankful.


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