Campus Education


Campus Education

Bring The Body of Sex to your campus.

All are welcome here.

My workshops are safe and inclusive for all articulations of gender, sexuality, and sexual history, including those who have never had sex, those who are sexually active, and those who have experienced sexual violation. Here, all students can learn together, in one room. I create a safe, disarming and welcoming space.

In order to offer college-level education that carries real impact and mentorship for students, I offer a series of workshops that build on one another. This structure creates a kind of trust and depth that ensures that this work isn’t simply new information, or a great lecture, but is a learning experience that can creates real shifts in how students relate to themselves and each other sexually. Inevitably, despite what we are often told- that students will not come to more than one workshops, on more than one day, on every campus we have ever worked, the subsequent workshops inevitably draws more and more students because of the enthusiasm that is garnered at the first workshop.