Digital Curriculum for Gap-Year and Experiential Education Programs


Digital Curriculum for Gap-Year and Experiential Education Programs

Curriculum package is priced per number of students served and includes: 

  • A 1.5 hour custom Body of Sex digital curriculum to be delivered in the field
  • Detailed Facilitator Delivery Handout
  • Audio framing and context for the session
  • 2 Training Webinars with Sarah
  • Optional group debrief call with Sarah

2020 Training Dates:

January and August. Specific Dates TBD

For use organization-wide, or based on individual instructor interest.

This custom curriculum was specifically designed for Gap Year and Experiential Education programs as a risk management and student empowerment tool. Delivered through audio modules, it does not ask instructors to be experts in the content, rather allows them to stay within their scope of practice while being able to do what they do best- facilitate the group experience and learning.  It offers an in-depth and effective foundational curriculum around consent, current sexual contexts and pressures, gender identity, sexual identity, awareness of self, interrelational dynamics and honoring our bodies. The tone is compassionate, authentic and disarming. It does not include explicit sexual content, but rather overarching tenants and guidelines that help students self-identify inside of the teachings.

I’m interested in this digital curriculum but not ready to sign up just yet.

“I have been absolutely blown away and inspired by the development and implementation of the sex sessions you have created. I feel that your sessions are the most authentic and impactful sex education I have participated in as student or educator, and that this is desperately needed in this current cultural context around sex and sex education! The impact and value it had for my students is of the most significant take-aways from the entire 10 week program – they were stoked on it!”

— Beth Farrell, Pacific Discovery


  • Students will have a sense that this is a community and space to have safe conversations
  • Students will explore cultural messaging around sexuality
  • Students will begin to develop a more holistic and robust sexual framework
  • Students will understand pleasure in an expanded way and understand its connection to their whole person
  • Students will be supported to trust themselves more in the sexual sphere
  • Students will understand consent and how to better access their own authentic consent decisions
  • Students will practice discernment and body awareness
  • Students will understand this work as an ongoing process of learning and awareness
  • Students will know that The Body of Sex is a comprehensive and trustworthy resource to continue this exploration individually as well as on their campuses

Every instructor/member of your organization that wishes to deliver this material must complete a training sequence with Sarah.